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I am extremely overdue in writing this review, but I need to share my story of how Jeanette saved my dress.


I bought my wedding gown at an Alfred Angelo closeout sale nine months before my wedding date. Around four months later I brought the dress to a family friend whom my parents insisted I bring it to because she used to make wedding dresses. She ends up hanging on to the dress until a month before the wedding. When I get it back, I notice my dress was hemmed like a pair of pants, just folded over. The outer layer of my dress is lace and it looked like a loofa. My so-called bustle was a hole through the backside of my dress to just pull the hanger loop out from underneath. It was a mess. I showed my MOH and bridesmaids. It got to a point where they told me to just buy a new dress. I really liked my Disney dress so I made a few calls to some mobile seamstresses. They all said it was too late for my dress to be fixed.


This is where Jeanette answers my call and says she could take a look and see if it can be done in 2 weeks. The next morning, I get off work from my night shift, shower, and rush on over to her place which was only 10 minutes away. I put on my dress and she starts to take apart the stitching my family friend did to the lace. It was salvageable. I saw all the dresses she had made and placed on display. I knew I was at the right place. She specialized in lace.


Four days after I left my dress with Jeanette, she calls me saying my dress was finished. She really worked her magic! It was ahead of schedule and she lifted so much weight off my shoulders. I tried on the dress and it was perfect. She made a beautiful bustle with three hook points, and showed me how to find the hooks so I could show my bridesmaids.


I cannot thank Jeanette enough for taking on the mess of my dress. I highly recommend her for dress alterations and custom made dresses.

Bought a dress pretty last minute for our elopement and even though it was custom sizing the straps were it tight. Brought it to Jeanette and she was uncertain if she would be able to make it work, but SHE MADE IT WORK. It was a difficult fix that I was too worried to take on myself so I figured better safe than sorry and took it in to someone. I had planned on visiting other tailors but Jeanette was so kind and friendly and gave me such a great price I couldn't turn it down. She worked really quickly too even though I didn't need the dress for another month after handing it off.


Would absolutely recommend her and go back if I ever need any dressses tailored again.

My fiancé and I recently postponed our wedding due to the COVID19 response. My original dress was not completed and I had to buy a dress online that obviously was not fitted for me.


I was not able to find anyone to help me alter because almost all businesses were closed. Luckily, I found Jeanette and she was quick to respond and made herself available to help me.


After responsibly trying on and handing off the dress, I received it back just 3 days later and it fit perfectly!


Jeanette was friendly, professional, highly-responsive, and provided quality work for us!


We were able to have a beautiful day and I felt like a total angel in my dress! We're so grateful for Jeanette helping us out in these desperate times.


Thank you Jeanette!

I purchased my wedding dress off-the-rack many sizes too small in the chest, thinking that letting it out would be a simple task. After visiting Jeanette for the first time, I soon realized that my dress with its beaded top probably couldn't be saved. Jeanette was very straightforward with me that there was a 25% chance she could get my wedding dress to fit. I appreciated her honesty because I needed to know ASAP if I had to purchase a new gown!


She was quick to get working on my dress and soon respond with a verdict - somehow, someway she was able to let the top out almost 4 inches. After sewing in cups and adding a simple bustle, I was out the door with all my wedding alterations done! Jeanette is a true professional who's quick with her work and very reasonably priced. If I could go back in time, I'd have her custom make me a gown from the ground up. Thank you for saving my dress!

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