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The process
The possibilities are endless......

After our initial phone/email consultation, I will ask you to send me pictures of your vision.  As many as you like.  I keep those pictures in a file for you and will study them to get an idea of your style.  
Next, we will do a fabric search at local fabric stores and online.  At this appointment we determine your budget and decide on the fabrics, laces, buttons and b
The next step is your muslin gown.  This is the point we see if your vision
of your gown is what you hoped it would be.  We make all of the changes in the style and shape on your muslin before we even purchase your fabrics. 
Next, we make a trip to downtown Los Angeles to choose your fabrics.  Once in a while, a bride will see all of the fabulous choices, and change her whole vision!  
Next... the fun begins!  I try to keep your fittings to 4 or 5, but we will have as many as needed to get the perfect fit!
My price is determined by many factors; too many to try to explain!  I will give you a labor only price and when we go downtown, you will be responsible for paying for the fabrice and notions.  That way, you can help in determining the total cost of your gown. The price I quote you will not change unless there are added design elements.  Remember, a custom gown has no added alteration costs! 

The process is very exciting and enjoyable!  I've never had an unhappy bride!  

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