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There's the gorgeous dress I was priviledged enough to wear thanks to you! I can't thank you enough for making the most beautiful dress I've ever seen or worn. I always imagined my wedding, like most girls, and the dress you created was better then the one in my dreams. Thank you so much, Jeanette! My wedding would not have been the dream it was without your skillfull hands.




Have you ever had the experience of knowing exatly what you want and having no idea at the same tine?  Well  that's exactly how I felt when I walked into Jeanette's home.  What happened from there was like magic! She told me to go through a bridal magazine and show  her some of the dresses that I liked.  I had been doing that, but I didn't see  'the one'.  She told me to just go adead and do it. What I didn't  know was that Jeanette wasn't looking for me to find ' the one'.  The  one wasn't in any of those magazines, it was in her head.  What Jeanette was doing was discovering my stlyle.  I never even knew that I had a style, but Jeanette did.  Within an hour I was being fitted for the dress that I had  been dreaming abut  my entire life. On my final fitting, when I looked in the morror, I think that I saw 'me' for the very first time. I was wearing a dress that was created just for me. It fit me like a glove in every waty.  The comment I received the most on the day of my wedding was "That dress is so you!" I will be forever grateful for her kindness , vision and passion.

Jeanette was pretty much my Fairy Godmother. I wanted a dress that was unique and not from a big box bridal shop. I was referred to another seamstress by a friend and the original dress didn't come out as expected. It just didn't fit right.  I decided to look for another seamstress that could help fix my dress and that's when I found Jeanette on Yelp. Jeanette is a seasoned seamstress when it comes to bridal gowns so from the first look at my dress she was able to see what had gone wrong and that it wasn't salvagable. With my wedding just a month away we didn't have time to start from scratch so Jeanette offered to let me wear one I got so many compliments for the dress.  The wo of her original designs!  It was pretty much meant for me; the cut, fit and design was gorgeous.  It was an elegant dress with an intricate lace detail and it had a matching veil!  I was vey grateful that she had given me her dress to wear. The compliments were: classy, elegant, beautiful, timeless and intricate. Jeanette knows her stuff and is up to date with the trends. You won't have to worry about looking back on your photos 10 years from now and think, "What was I thinking?!" Design you dream dress with Sew In Love Couture!

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